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Mission and Strategic Plan

The mission of Career Technical Education in the Grossmont Union High School District is to prepare students to be college and career ready, with a personalized post-secondary transition plan.



Strategic Plan


Goal 1: Develop and Sustain High Quality Career Technical Education Pathways at each high school

High Quality CTE Pathways that:

·    Are based on current and projected labor market information in high demand, high wage industry sectors

·    Consist of at least two full-year CTE courses or a single, multiple-hour course which provides sequential units of instruction and has a duration of at least 300 hours

·    Are coherent sequences with outcomes and content that have a clear and direct relationship to the occupation(s) or career targeted by the program – curriculum aligned to CTE standards, integrated with academic standards

·    Include sufficient introductory and concentration CTE courses to provide students with the instruction necessary to develop the skill and knowledge levels required for employment and postsecondary education or training

·    Are taught by a teacher with the appropriate CTE Credential

·    Have business/industry involvement/work-based learning/student leadership development

·    Provide internships, industry certifications, apprenticeships options and post-secondary alignment to include dual/articulation credit

·    Provide open access to all students interested in participating

Goal 2:  Increase academic integration through developing CTE linked learning pathways

Cohorts of students are scheduled together in their CTE and their academic classes in a career-themed pathway with integrated, project-based learning to include:  

  • Rigorous academics connected to real-world technical skills acquisition
  • Extensive work-based learning experiences
  • Coordinated Student Support Plans

Goal 3: Provide professional development activities for teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff that support the implementation of high quality Career Technical Education Pathways.

·       Information and guidelines on high quality CTE Pathways and accountability

·       Support to implement work-based and project-based learning activities

·       Support to ensure that All Aspects of Industry are understood and taught in each pathway

·       Support to ensure that teachers are keeping their technical skills current through established business partnerships to provide guest speakers, industry tours, job shadows, externships, industry conferences, updated certifications, and other professional development opportunities

Goal 4: Increase Business Education partnerships to provide on-going, relevant, work-based experiences for students and teachers to be prepared for the labor market needs in East County and the greater San Diego Region.

·       Build a work-based learning continuum for each pathway

·       Identify current partnerships and identify gap areas to improve on in order support the work-based learning continuum

·       Identify key businesses in each industry sector to serve on Advisory Committees

·       Work with industry partners to develop meaningful and relevant industry certifications for students in pathway

·       Create a Work-based Learning position to coordinate work-based activities in GUHSD pathways

·       Coordinate WBL plan and business partnerships with regional efforts and opportunities to include a business “portal” for easy access

Goal 5: Create a program monitoring and evaluation system to collect, analyze, and share data to drive decisions, promote student achievement, and ensure accountability for program success.

·       Data collection and monitoring to support and meet district goals, CTE regional efforts, and CTE grant accountability measures

·       Data collection to include pathway participation and completion, graduation rates, industry certifications, and post-secondary transitions

Goal 6: Create an outreach and marketing plan to inform and educate students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders about the value of Career-Technical Education and the opportunities to participate to prepare students for both college and careers.

  • Develop CTE promotional materials and activities for each high school and district-wide CTE opportunities/pathways to include a variety of media using authentic student created products.
  • Increase outreach to middle schools in client districts to inform about CTE choices and opportunities in the GUHSD
  • Publish best practices and results of data establishing the benefits of CTE
  • Coordinate outreach and marketing plan with regional efforts to promote CTE

Goal 7: Create a five year, sustainable funding plan that leverages district, grant, and private funding to support Career Technical Education to include funding for:

·       FTEs for CTE Pathways

·       Updating CTE Pathways and equipment to keep them current with industry standards

·       Ongoing professional development to keep CTE teachers current with industry standards

·       Classroom materials and supplies

·       Work-based learning activities (career awareness, industry tours, job shadows, internships, job fairs, student competitions, etc.)