Provide an Internship

One goal for our Career Technical Education programs is to offer each student a meaningful work-based learning experience. One way that we seek to accomplish this is through the internship process.

A student internship can be set up to meet your needs as a valued business partner. These options include:
  • Unpaid internships (District covered Worker's Comp)
  • Paid internships
  • Total number of hours varies depending on what you want to offer. (if a student can get 70 intern hours they can earn 5 credit toward graduation)
  • Quasi-Internships - shorter term - more like job shadowing 
If you would like to provide an internship, please visit our Become a Business Partner link and enter your information. Someone from our office will contact you to discuss the details.  If you would like to discuss the process and your needs, contact our Work-Based Learning Specialist, Jeff Wood.